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110 X 180 cm 
1.10 X 1.80 meter
3.6 X 5.9 feet
43.3 X 71 inch to be exact.




The story of the Boucherouite rugs began in the mountain villages around Morocco in the humblest of circumstances. In all the creation of Berber rugs, these were made by true artisans out of rags of all things. From rags to riches, Boucherouite rugs represent beautiful works of art that are color bright.
Boucherouite (pronounced boo-shay-REET) comes from a Moroccan Arabic phrase which means clothing that is torn and reused. The hot vivid colors and free-wheeling designs of these hand made rugs are not the only thing that makes them exciting—they represent a new shift in Berber rug making. The Boucherouite is typically known for and associated with producing heavier wool rugs and since the demand for Berber rugs has remained high; the culture has responded by using the materials and talent at hand to create uniquely beautiful pieces. Boucherouite rugs are upcycling at its best! Such a wonderful concept!
These rugs, like many in Moroccan culture, are crafted almost exclusively by women. Each Boucherouite rug is a one-of-a-kind creation because their very existence depends on what materials were available to the artist, as well as her individual style and taste. The rugs are hand loomed and, depending on size, can contain over a thousand pieces of various fabrics, including nylon, cotton and occasionally wool.
They are a striking departure from the hand-dyed earth tones of the traditional wool Berber rugs. Boucherouite rugs are bright, almost garish, in their brilliance, reflecting the modern age of the materials from which they are made.
These rugs are gaining more and more attention of late and were even featured as an art installment in a Chelsea art gallery, of which the New York Times observed, “Surfaces fill up with fat lozenge and chevron shapes that melt and ooze, Dalí-clock style. Top-to-bottom zigzag bars form gawky, out-of-synch chorus lines. Dense passages of pointillist speckling suggest plates of couscous or Jackson Pollock paintings. Boucherouite rugs make the tough art of weaving look like fun.”
But all fun aside, these rugs bring with them so much more than a beautiful covering for your floor or even a stunning piece of handmade art. These rugs are the story of a changing culture, of resourceful creativity, and, above all, beauty from the humblest of circumstances.
And now, you can have a part of that story in your home. A part of that story to join with your own.


We make custom rugs to suit everyone's needs. We do custom choice designs, and rugs of any size or color by request.
We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are truly satisfied!


Our shop offers wholesale prices with your order of 5 rugs or more. Please inquire within for details.


Rugs ship from Morocco with FedEx (takes 3 to 5 business days), or DHL Express (takes 2 to 3 business days). (Method depends on size of the item).
If you live outside the U.S , please contact us for a shipping estimate to your country.


All import duties and taxes are the buyer's responsibility and not included in the sale price of the rug. For U.S. clients there are no taxes and customs charges on handmade wool rugs due to a Free Trade Agreement between Morocco and the USA. For all other buyers please inquire with the customs office of your country for additional costs prior to your purchase.



🍯 All of our items are GENUINE, AUTHENTIC and HANDMADE with no chemical products and artificial ingredients. Our rugs are also eco-friendly. Compare the quality and prices to other competitors. We surpass excellence with all these features.

💠 Our vintage rugs are in great and impeccable like new condition; clean, fresh and sanitary. We do repair restoration for our vintage rugs as needed (fringing, binding, reweaving, patching holes and cleaning to restore it to new condition).



We guarantee exceptional quality and excellence in our craftsmanship. All pictures show the vivid detail and clear designs of each rug but we are confident it will be even more beautiful up close and personal. Our highest quality wool and natural ingredients along with the softness, texture, brightness and detail of our rugs are no match in the Berber rug industry. Our rugs last a lifetime and withstands wear and tear and are stain-resistant. They can be easily washed and cleaned without color fade or run. Our rugs are a worthy investment with sentiment, tradition and value.

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt